Sorority celebrates 50th anniversary

The Greenwood Beta associate chapter of the service sorority Tri Kappa is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

A recent proclamation by Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers marked the occasion of the associate chapter’s founding in 1967.

The nationwide organization has chapters throughout the state, and Johnson County is also home to one in Center Grove, Whiteland and Franklin.

The chapters in Indiana all work to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children, and the Beta chapter raises money for Flags for Greenwood, purchases, installs and maintains American flags along Greenwood streets.

The chapter also donates money to Greenwood community schools for students who have income-based needs for dental work, optical care or other similar needs.

The chapter’s main purpose is to raise money for organizations that are charities or which promote culture and education.

“We want to help young people do the best they can in the learning process,” said Ruth Ann Wagner, a member. “We feel like we can be an outreach to young people, and we ask women to join our group whom we feel would be equally as dedicated.”