Peddler ban reversed after lawsuit threat

A previously approved ban on peddlers has been reversed by the Greenwood City Council, which has instead opted to mail no soliciting signs to all city residents.

The city council voted 8-1 to give its final approval for ending a ban on door-to-door salespeople after a national lawn care company threatened a lawsuit in March.

The cost to the city if it were to lose the lawsuit — upward of $150,000 — was a prime consideration for council members deciding to end the ban.

The short-lived ban will be replaced with a plan to mail no soliciting signs to homeowners in Greenwood. It is illegal for a salesperson to contact a homeowner who has one of these signs displayed on their property.

Council member David Hopper voted against the reversal. He said the cost of the plan to spend several thousand dollars on the no soliciting signs was excessive.

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