Letter: Why so many medication ads on TV?

To the editor:

Does it bother anyone else to realize that most of the ads on TV programs today are for some kind of medication? One is constantly told to “ask your doctor about…”

Are we raising a nation of hypochondriacs? Most of these nostrums will never be needed by the average person. 

In times past, if one became ill, one went to one’s doctor and was prescribed medication, which one purchased from the local pharmacy.

One took it and generally got better.

“Big Pharma” — their phrase, not mine — now controls the TV tube, with dozens of ads every hour, especially in the prime viewing hours. Will the result be better health for all? I doubt it.

No wonder we have all sorts of drug abuse stalking our citizens.

“Oh Brave New World that has such people in it!”

“A gram is better than a damn,” etc. as Aldous Huxley observed.

Mary M. Q. Holeman