Get involved by planting a tree

On Saturday, we will be conducting what will probably be the last mass planting of trees in the Franklin urban forest. At 9 a.m. there will be a short tutorial presented by a representative of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources on the proper method of tree planting.

Following that there will be 100 trees ready for planting in holes already prepared. We hope to have a sizeable group of volunteers there to perform the tasks.

This will be an excellent opportunity for someone who would like to plant their own tree dedicated to a friend or loved one. You can select the location and hold your own ceremony to honor the person, or persons, of your choice.

There is no charge for this but your time and effort, but if you wish to make a donation to the Franklin Parks Department you may do so. Donations will be for the Urban Forest Fund at the Johnson County Community Foundation and will be used in the future for the preservation and or replacement of trees and shrubs.

I would like to thank again all those who have supported the forest to date. The Franklin College students, faculty, athletics department and staff have been wonderful contributors and enthusiastic workers, as well as Franklin Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions clubs.

Also, the staff of the Parks and Recreation Department have been essential in providing time and equipment, especially Rocky Stultz and Chip Orner.

With this planting the park area will have been will populated with some 3,000-plus trees. In the future, the trees will eventually begin to repopulate themselves so the forest will grow and mature for the benefit of the citizens of Franklin and surrounding areas and visitors to the area.

I thank everyone who has had a part in this truly community effort to establish this forest for the future. And a special thanks to Peter and Stephanie Crist and family for their major financial support.

Franklin resident Jim Crane recently was awarded the Spirit Award by the Johnson County Community Foundation for his service projects. He was the driving force behind starting the urban forest in a flood-damaged portion of downtown Franklin. Send comments to