Letter: State Road 135 not safe for pedestrians

To the editor:

As the City of Greenwood focuses on making Old Town Greenwood a showplace, the busy corridor along State Road 135 remains a no-man’s land for pedestrians.

When you drive south from County Line Road, the first crosswalk you’ll encounter is in Bargersville at the flea market.

It’s not as though there are no pedestrians crossing State Road 135; I see them routinely. There are hundreds of rental units (apartments mostly) on the east side of State Road 135, but the majority of the shopping is on the west side.

I see two basic strategies used by these hapless folks — one is to cross at a light and try to time your crossing so you can make it without getting hit by someone who has a green turn arrow light, and the other is to cross between lights trying to survive in the center strip while gaps in traffic allow safe crossing.

Why are there not pedestrian crosswalks for 135 at all traffic signals from the county line south?

I’m told it is a $5,000 addition to the existing lights.

The Daily Journal did an article a couple of years ago focusing on Olive Branch Road to the Stones Crossing area, but the problem goes far north of that.

Will Greenwood wait until a pedestrian is struck or killed to act?

I’d sure like to see the Daily Journal put a little heat on Greenwood to act. City officials incorporated all of the State Road 135 business corridor. They have a responsibility to create a safe environment, especially for pedestrians.

Bob Siefker