Letter: Unlike citizenry, columnist doesn’t get political climate

To the editor:

Geesh! He’s at it again! David Carlson: “I thank all those who railed at town meetings against TrumpCare and flooded their representatives mailboxes with their rage at this president’s policies. The nation has spoken.” (“Where did the Trump family come from?” April 3.)

No David, poor losers like you have spoken, and would like the reading public to believe this tripe is true.

And as one Christian to another Mr. Carlson, Scriptures admonish us to do more than, as you suggest, pray “…our nation will not face…a crisis before mid-term elections in 2018….”; but rather, “…that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and gravity,” II Timothy 2:2.

To me, that suggests Democrats cease their unprecedented, ongoing campaign of civil revenge (e.g. “shadow presidency” a la Carlson; co-presidents or bipartisan executives; as well as “deep state” machinations against the presidency), the sooner the better!

Deep state is a conspiracy theory in the U.S. whereby there are coordinated efforts, by career government employees, to influence national policy sans regard for democratically-elected leadership.

This is the third letter to the editor I’ve penned in response to columns by David Carlson and John Krull. Each time, when said letter was published in the Daily Journal, I’ve received encouraging notes, calls and emails from Johnson County residents, and presumably Daily Journal subscribers and readers. Someone sure is getting the local political climate wrong, and it isn’t the citizenry.

George Allen