Letter: See through silliness of college professors’ views

To the editor:

The Daily Journal likes to post opinions on this page from a couple of Franklin College folks as well as a professor from IU and other schools. These fellows from Franklin and the other schools like to postulate here, and I’m sure in their classroom, on various subjects.

The educated Daily Journal reader should be able to see through this silliness, but maybe not so much their young and impressionable students.

Here is what we need to wonder.

Why did someone at Franklin College hire this ex-director and lobbyist from the ACLU to teach and run the journalism department at the college?

Secondly, who hired an ultra-left preacher to teach philosophy at the same college?

Has balance of opinion been completely stripped from Franklin College and the Daily Journal?

If these two fellows from Franklin College really believed their propaganda, wouldn’t they teach for free?

Floyd L. Shirrell