Letter: Form opinions after acquiring facts; you might be surprised

To the editor

I have a different view of President Donald Trump, having served as an officer in turbulent times and attended a Baptist college as undergraduate.

As an officer, I learned to respect whomever was president at that time and, as a student in both undergraduate and graduate school, I learned not to form solid opinions until all the facts are in.

A case in point is the surveillance of visitors to the Trump Tower and revealing parts of the Trump transition team who were unlawfully unmasked. Let’s wait until all the facts are in on who directed this. We might be surprised.

In the case of Obamacare, it is not over on repeal and replace yet. This is just the first skirmish in a long battle. While Democrats are against this, Republicans are for it, but divided over what should be included.

As a leader for a military fraternal organization with nearly 800 members, the majority voted for and support Donald Trump. We don’t believe the media and liberals are supportive of our president or country and after all, he was elected based upon implementing programs he campaigned for.

Ken Hall