Police chief weighs in on ice rink after investigation

Public concerns about whether the proposed ice rink in Freedom Park would result in additional crime or safety issues prompted Greenwood Police Chief John Laut to make the trek to another ice-skating complex north of Indianapolis.

The developers proposing the Greenwood Iceplex in Freedom Park also own and operate an ice rink north of Indianapolis in Fishers called the Fuel Tank.

Laut told the Greenwood City Council that he wanted to see what impact that facility had on the Fishers’ community to determine whether having a similar, albeit larger, iceplex in Greenwood would be problematic.

He spoke with Fishers’ police chief, who confirmed that there have been no major issues with the Fuel Tank, beyond a couple of vehicle break-ins.

Laut also went door-to-door to talk with residents in neighborhoods near the Fuel Tank. The response from residents was that the ice rink wasn’t a problem for them and that they didn’t have issues with either the traffic or the noise.

After a tour inside and around the building, Laut said there weren’t any issues. One concern, which is the noise from machines used to cool the ice, was negligible, he said.

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