Police say Franklin woman bit officer

A naked woman jumped on a couch, hissed at officers, kicked at them, repeatedly lunged and spit toward them and eventually bit an officer on the arm while she was being examined at the hospital, police said.

Crystal L. Cole, 35, of 400 W. Jefferson St., was arrested early Monday morning on charges of battery on a police officer, battery by bodily waste and invasion of privacy. She was held on $3,000 bond.

Police were called to a Franklin apartment just before 6 a.m. because Cole would not leave the home, even though the resident had a protective order against her, according to a Franklin Police Department report. Police found her naked, sitting in a chair. The resident said he had tried to get her to leave several times, the report said.

When officers started talking to her, she jumped from furniture to furniture, hissing like a cat, the report said. She refused to get dressed and constantly kicked and flailed her arms at police and called officers names, the report said. Police had to put a mask on her to keep her from spitting on people, and she had to be carried to the jail van by several people because she was constantly fighting against them, the report said.

She was taken to Johnson Memorial Hospital to be examined before going to the Johnson County jail. At the hospital, officers had to hold her down, and she bit an officer on the arm, the report said. The bite did not break the skin, the report said. After she was cleared at the hospital, Cole was taken to jail.