To the editor:

On March 6, your Opinion page banner headline read, “Wanted: Political ‘rabbits’, (to) shadow presidency.” And then on March 22, another banner headline, this time, “Having 2 presidents could serve country better.”

In the former instance, Franklin College professor of philosophy and religion and novice mystery writer David Carlson proposes a potentially seditious “…shadow presidency, a visible alternative to the Trump administration and reasonable critic of its extreme policies.”

Frankly, I found it difficult to believe Daily Journal editors allowed such loser lines — sans an opposing view — in their family newspaper. That was a message in itself….

In the latter instance, the Franklin College Director of the Pulliam School of Journalism John Krull quotes former Indiana Rep. David Orentlicher’s (D-Indianapolis) 2013 book, “Two Presidents Are Better Than One: The Case for a Bipartisan Executive,” proposing “having two presidents, one from each political party, would serve us better.”

Now, that too reads like something a loser, following the recent presidential election, would want winners to believe. Not! And again, Daily Journal editors, where’s the balanced op/ed view?

Since I’ve already gone on record suggesting Dr. Carlson “keep his fiction off the op/ed’ page,” (his idea reminds one of pre-Revolutionary War colonists “shadowing” the British monarchy until they couldn’t take “taxation without representation” any longer — so they revolted! Is Carlson hoping this history will repeat today?), let’s focus on the silly notion that having two presidents could serve the U.S. better than one.

First challenge: what two political parties will be tapped to provide the bipartisan executives? Libertarian and who else? Oh, that’s not what Orentlicher had in mind? Gee. Controversy right out of the starting gate! That’s how half-baked this idea is….

Let’s cut to the trace. The banner headline the Daily Journal should soon feature on its Opinion page is this: “get over it!”

Then, admonish those folk who, to date, have been unable and unwilling to believe Hillary lost, and that Donald won, to move on with their lives, and political aspirations on behalf of our democracy. Stop the backbiting; stop the crazy ideas (re-read previous paragraphs); and, if already have announced one’s intention to move to a foreign land if Trump won the election, get packing and go!

George Allen