Marriage Licenses – March 31

Tonya Rohlfing and Melvin Thomas, both of Greenwood

Gabrielle Felumero of Greenwood and Aaron Stinson of Indianapolis

Amber Jones and Daniel Buker, both of Greenwood

Andrea Forehand and Tyler Eby, both of Greenwood

Paityn Gossett and Mathew Kelly, both of Greenwood

Nicholas Kreuzman of Indianapolis and Chelsea Gordon of Greenwood

Matthew Webb and Allyson Goins, both of Franklin

Lauren Edison and Kenji Edison, both of Greenwood

Hannah Loveall and Richard McCarter, both of Greenwood

Rachelle Bernett and Larry King, both of Indianapolis

Kenneth Estep and Emily Buchanan, both of Franklin

Amy Conner of Greenwood and Anthony Smith of Beech Grove

Alexander Taraborelli and Johnny Sisk, both of Greenwood

Johnny Price Jr. and Alisha Essig, both of Whiteland

Miranda Lewis of Greenwood and Dennis Cooper of Franklin

Casey DeArmitt and Justin Hutchens, both of Franklin

Brenda Bryant and Christopher Kenyon, both of Whiteland

Mathew Colburn and Rachel Kocher, both of Greenwood

Lorrine Crain and David Akers, both of Trafalgar

Jeremy Summers of Franklin and Sonya Snyder of Greenwood

Elizabeth Daake of Evansville and Zachary Moore of  Greenwood

Nicholas Golgart and Anne Combs, both of Bargersville