Scotland trip will help benefit library

Travelers are wanted for a summer tour through the iconic landscapes of Ireland and Scotland.

Tilson Travel will donate a portion of group trip costs to the Greenwood Public Library.

The tour, “Literary Legends and Inspiring Landscapes of Scotland and Ireland” is scheduled for July 5 to 14. A minimum of 15 people must sign up by Saturday for the trip to take place.

Trip and tour highlights will include castles, parks and historic sites during stops in Edinburgh, Cairngorms, Iverness, Loch Ness and Ayr in Scotland. In Ireland, tour stops include Dublin, Adare and Kilkenny Castle.

Cost of the tour is $3,750 for double occupancy and an additional $550 for single occupancy. There will be a $150 rebate if there are more than 22 travelers signed up. The cost includes air fare and trip accommodations.

For more information, contact Becky Tilson-Squires at 317-402-6982 or