Letter: Anti-tobacco group leader enjoyed journey

To the editor:

It is with very mixed emotions that I resign as Tobacco Free Johnson County Coalition Chair and Tobacco educator.

This time as part of such an important objective has given me the chance to strike a blow against tobacco which takes more lives every day, including my dear husband Bob over 16 years ago.

I have so enjoyed getting to know and work with members of Partnership who work tirelessly to ensure that Johnson County residents have the information and assistance to deal with their health and emotional issues.

If every county in Indiana had the talented and dedicated people who make up our partnership, many of the ongoing issues with health, drug and mental health issues could be dealt with in a cooperative and supportive way.

I want particularly to thank Doreen St. Clair whose Young Lungs program has probably saved thousands of young people from the dreadful effects of tobacco use and allowed me to work with and enjoy many classes of delightful and inquisitive first-graders.

Also, Michelle McMahon whose work to obtain the Empower Johnson County grant should go far to give Partnership and its agencies the data necessary to slow and eventually halt the surge in drug addiction. And lastly the hospitals who support all our work and instead of competing, joined together to create this amazing coalition.

If all counties in the state had a coalition like ours much more progress could be made in making this a healthier state. And lastly the dedication and coalition building skills of our friend and colleague, Jane Blessing. Without her people skills, creativity and coalition building, I honestly believe Partnership would never have survived.

Keep up the good work and please remember where I am — only 30 miles away — and call on me if I can be of help.

Janie Adcock