Letter: Protest march not what city needs

To the editor:

The article on the front page of the March 15 Daily Journal (“We have to have the tough conversations; Dialogue at college seeks to bridge racial divide”) should not have been on the front page but at the back of the paper with the advertisements.

This was not a parade but a protest march! A parade is where you have happy people trying to entertain you with bands playing and people in it to lift your spirits.

When you have people carrying negative signs marching and walking, it is a protest movement! Granted, this was a protest march at its lowest level, unlike the protest marches these past few years where people are paid to go to cities to protest and eventually turn into riots, causing damage in other people’s cities — feeding off the frenzy of the other rioters sent to that city to stir up publicity for themselves.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that TV coverage was sought for this march and the ensuing panel discussion at the end of the march.

Thank goodness that didn’t occur. The TV coverage would have given a bad impression and irreparable harm to the image of the city of Franklin when everyone is trying to entice people and businesses to move to Franklin.

I wondered if the participating students got points towards the grade in their class if they participated, and even more points if they made or carried a protest sign.

Giving credence to this assumption is that I noticed the girl at the beginning of the march had her eyes closed as if she didn’t want to be photographed or recognized, and other students trying not to be depicted.

Are the parents of these students concerned or worried possibly of what their child is being taught as they are at this very impressionable age at this stage in their lives? I know I am.

Obviously, seeing the police brutality sign struck a nerve in me. This is Franklin, Indiana: my city. I felt it was a slap in the face of our outstanding people in our local law enforcement agencies who are the best.

Our city does not need this attempt, if it is, of trying to rabble rouse the community to the contrary!

I’m sure there are readers who can’t wait to get started with their articulate (as they think they are) rhetoric about how wrong my opinion is and how right their (albeit self-righteous) opinion is.

Spare me! Your time and energy can be better spent in other ways.

Betty Chastain