Letter: One size does not fit all with waste totes

To the editor:

Thanks to Charles W. Schmedlap for his letter regarding the recycling system in Greenwood (“New recycling system in Greenwood needs adjustments,” March 3). I agree with his assessments completely and would add another consideration. The 96-gallon totes are definitely a problem for many citizens to handle. Consider the elderly and handicapped.

The article by Jacob Tellers on the front page of the March 3 edition of the Daily Journal (“Larger bins cause issues,”) also verified all that should have been taken into consideration before engaging in this problem. To think that it may also be extended to garbage and regular trash collection is very distressing.

“One size” does not fit all and I truly hope that a better solution can be made. As it stands now, I am paying for a service that I cannot use.

Margaret Patton