Letter: Energy bill provides fair solution

To the editor:

The Indiana General Assembly is considering a bill that would find balance between the amount paid by electric customers who self-generate their own electricity and customers who don’t.

Current Indiana policy establishes an overly generous financial credit for customers who self-generate electricity by means such as solar panels and sell any excess to the electric utility.

This credit currently results in self-generating customers not paying the full cost of the service they receive from the electric utility when their personal source does not meet their electric needs. As a result, customers who don’t self-generate end up paying more for their energy to make up the difference.

Senate Bill 309 would provide a fix for this by allowing customers to continue to receive a reasonable credit for the energy they generate, while ensuring that other customers don’t pay for someone else’s share of the costs.

Senate Bill 309 should be passed by the Indiana General Assembly.

John Eckart