Letter: Drivers need to get off phones

To the editor:

I just got back from my Florida trip and just wanted to ask you if you are one of the people who are driving and talking or texting on the phone. I’d say about four out of 10 drivers are!

Most interstates are now three lanes, and in the fast lane you come upon a driver going slower than everyone else and yes, is on the phone, and doesn’t even know that there is anybody else around.

When it’s two lanes, it’s the same thing. Every state should pass a law — no talking or texting while you are driving. Pull off and do the talking. I came upon many drivers on their phone in the fast lane going 60 to 65 mph when the speed is 70 (and more).

No wonder there are so many rear-end wrecks. It’s not just one age; it’s all ages. I saw more people in cars talking than truckers, so you can’t blame the truckers all on this. You really have to be on your guard all the time; you don’t know when you are coming up on someone talking and not paying attention to their driving.

At one point I followed a car (all lanes full) in the fast lane going 65 mph; I couldn’t go anywhere and the ones behind me couldn’t either. I finally just laid on my horn to get their attention, and I did.

He saw there were others around and sped up. It’s a wonder there aren’t more wrecks than what there are with people on the phone. We need to get some no-phone laws passed. If you are in front of me, on your phone, going slow, you are going to hear my horn. I just hope I don’t scare you where you will wreck.

I know there is road rage and I don’t think these are the people who would do something, but if they are, I’m prepared for them too. I have my permit. When you are out, look around and see how many people are on their phone — lots.

Becky Martin