Marriage licenses – March 17

Edmond Eguale and Genelle Bundle, both of Greenwood

Juan Medina and Ana Majin, both of Greenwood

Stephanie O’Connell and Joshua Griffin, both of Greenwood

Dean Weasner of Greenwood and Peggy Stanco of Seymour

Alyssa Ellis and Anthony Burton, both of Greenwood

Douglas Jones and Katherine Albers, both of Greenwood

Darrel Duckworth and Crystal Logan, both of Franklin

Lindsay Hendricks of Greenwood and Melissa Lemler of Indianapolis

Michael Kalberg and April Roser, both of Greenwood

Christopher Cox and Sophia Smith, both of Greenwood

John Doll Jr. and Tawni Moyer, both of Greenwood

Crystal Grass and Jay Winters, both of Franklin

Ashleigh Wilson of Oregon and Uri Passin of Greenwood

Peter Manning and Kristine Barnett, both of New Whiteland

Hannah Davila and Derek Bradley, both of Greenwood

Malinda Layton of Bargersville and Curtis Kost of New Salisbury

Jennifer Dremonas and Frank Dremonas, both of Greenwood

Kathleen Miller and Karauri Thuranira, both of Greenwood

Jay McDaniel and Kimberly Stuart, both of Greenwood

Lisa Mahan and Gloria Crowell, both of Trafalgar

Shannon Neel and Juston Flatt, both of Franklin

Christopher McFadden and Jessica Osborn, both of Franklin