Fire Department gets grant for safety gear

Franklin firefighters are getting new safety gear due to a grant the department has received.

The Indiana Public Employers’ Plan gave the fire department a grant for $1,215 to buy firefighting gloves and protective eyewear, according to a news release. This is the first year the organization gave communities safety grants as a way of promoting a safe work environment, which could reduce workers compensation cases.

The money will be used to buy gloves firefighters wear when fighting fires or freeing victims trapped in vehicle crashes. The 48 firefighters also will get new protective safety glasses, the news release said. Firefighters’ gloves tend to wear out quickly due to the nature of the work, and injuries to the hands and eyes lead to employee time off, the fire department said in the news release.

The Indiana Public Employers’ Plan provide workers’ compensation claims administration for more than 700 cities, towns, counties and schools, the release said.