Letter: Adam Cooper

To the editor:

Sure, this guy sounds like he wants to do the right thing, but come hunting season next year, it will be back to promoting more hunting all across the land (“Poachers give hunters bad name,” Brandon Butler, Feb. 25).

It doesn’t matter to people like this whether the animals are overpopulated or not, hunters will hunt for what they can, when they can. Wildlife is already kept at a minimum in many areas; guys like this only see the areas that can maybe sustain hunting, at the expense of everywhere else.

It’s a sad time for most of Indiana when hunting time rolls around again; it means that the precious little wildlife that we have will once more be reduced to near nonexistence. Hunting should be banned in all areas except where it is sustainable, or obviously necessary, supposing there are those kinds of places remaining in Indiana.

Most places arguably do not qualify to have justifiable hunting of anything except maybe deer. This guy will not hesitate to glorify hunting in all its forms come hunting season next year, no doubt about it at all, unless we get lucky and he quits, but some other narrow-minded individual will proceed him, of course.

Hunting is all that matters, nothing else, the only form of true conservation, without hunters there would be no wildlife, the saviors of the natural world, yeah right. America, I implore you, look elsewhere for honest conservation. Donate to organizations that do not hold hunting as their highest priority.

Adam Cooper

Hancock County