Letter: Keep columnist’s ‘fiction’ off opinion page

To the editor:

Franklin College professor and novelist David Carlson has penned an inaccurate statement, followed by a potentially seditious recommendation, on the Opinion page of the March 6 Daily Journal:

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. Much of what we stand for as Americans is under siege, not by some foreign enemy or terrorist group, but by our president and his appointees.”

And …

“Am I suggesting a type of shadow presidency, a visible alternative to the Trump administration and reasonable critic of its’ extreme policies? Yes, that is exactly what I am proposing.” DC

In the first instance, the American citizenry overwhelmingly elected President Donald Trump to office four months ago. Hooray! Much of what we stand for as Americans is no longer under siege; rather, has been, and continues to be, snatched from the failed tenets of socialism and the former president’s errant promise of cultural change.

American values are being quickly and effectively restored, from sea to shining sea, despite Carlson’s opinion to the contrary.

And, a shadow presidency? Really? Who does Carlson propose to seditiously shadow this administration? Surely not the present leaders of dwindling Democrat minorities in the U.S. Congress and Senate, and certainly not the newly elected leader of the Democratic party. Hmm. Perhaps he has in mind, for this un-American plot, one of the characters in his first “good read” mystery novel, “Enter by the Narrow Gate.”

As a professional writer, I learned long ago to keep my fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction and op/ed genres separate when it came to the printed page. Perhaps David Carlson should learn the same lesson, and keep his fiction off the op/ed page.

George Allen