Letter: Rep. Hollingsworth’s schedule top secret

To the editor:

We are unfortunate in that we have a congressman uninterested in meeting with or hearing from his constituency. A few weeks ago I requested a meeting with the Congressman Trey Hollingsworth for our group when he returns to the area the week of Feb. 20.

No appointment could be made, and I was told to fill out an online request, which I did. In fact I’ve filled out several of them and also called his Washington office several times. I have had no response at all from any of my requests. Nothing. I asked for a schedule so perhaps we might make arrangements to hear him speak in the district somewhere.

His schedule is top secret; he apparently does not want us to know where we might find him or listen to him. I asked about public events; he doesn’t do any.

In other words, you won’t see or talk to him in the area at all. He is acting as though he still lives in Tennessee and does not have time to come up here now. Who knows where or when you might locate the guy? I wonder if we are still paying him?

Denny Kubal