Letter: Gas tax increase bad for Hoosiers

To the editor:

I write to give your readers additional information regarding the gas tax increase passed by the Indiana House in House Bill 1002. This tax will reflect poorly upon Indiana. Johnson County residents should be aware their elected Republican representatives voted in favor of this tax increase, and some of them violated pledges they took to not raise taxes.

This tax will immediately take us to the sixth highest gas tax rate in the country, and will put us in line with wonderful tax bastions such as California, Washington and New York. The automatic indexed increases may very well drive the rate even higher.

Indiana will be by far the highest rate in the Midwest under this measure. Those traveling through the state on the interstate highway system will certainly take advantage of the more favorable tax environment in neighboring states for their fuel needs. This will further shift the burden of road wear upon average Hoosier residents. The bill also further increases our already high registration fees.

The bill also allows the governor to impose tolls unilaterally without additional legislative approval. I have it on good authority studies are already underway for tolling on I-70 and I-65.

Indiana is well positioned as the Crossroads of America and a logistical hub. I hope Indiana Republicans do not damage this as a result of their tax and fee policies. Though I suppose they will continue to offset the costs to major players through continued corporate welfare handouts at the expense of Indiana taxpayers.

Representatives David Frizzell (R-93), John Young (R-47), Woody Burton (R-47) and Chris May (R-65) all voted in favor of this tax increase. Residents should also take note that Representatives David Frizzell and Woody Burton have violated their pledges to not raise taxes.

While our roads have deteriorated, Republicans have for years have siphoned off gas tax revenue for purposes other than road maintenance.

Elected Republicans should conduct the business of Indiana and balance the budget without burdening Indiana residents with tax increases due to their mismanagement.

It is ironic that Indiana Democrats are against the increase and support spending all the current taxes on the roads. This is yet another confirmation that Indiana Republicans do not support fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets. Your readers should express their displeasure to their representatives and ask Sens. Rodric Bray, Jack Sandlin and Greg Walker to oppose this tax increase.

Frank Rossa

White River Township