Franklin business seeks road extension

A Franklin business is asking for help with infrastructure as part of an expansion project.

Overton Industries is planning a nearly $1 million, 12,000-square-foot expansion and adding $700,000 in new equipment to its location at 2155 McClain Drive on the east side of Franklin.

The tool-and-die company received a 10-year tax break on the expansion, and is also asking the city to extend McClain Drive to connect with the expansion.

The extended road would also make more room for semis making deliveries, Franklin Mayor Steve Barnett said.

Barnett asked the Franklin Redevelopment Commission to set aside up to $300,000 in funding from the city’s tax-increment financing, or TIF, districts to pay for the road extension, saying it was the perfect use for TIF funding.

Members of the city board will consider whether to approve the request next month.

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Annie Goeller is managing editor of the Daily Journal. She can be reached at or 317-736-2718.