Letter: Country being attacked form the inside

To the editor:

Your column on the editorial page written by John Krull (“GOP should ease public’s fears,” Feb. 14) is dead-on when stating that GOP should address peoples’ fears of the Trump presidency.

My only criticism is that his column does not go far enough to describe the threat to the country that Donald Trump poses. It seems like George Orwell time to me.

Indiana has helped elect a megalomaniac to the highest office of the most powerful country in the world. Little wonder that Trump admires the strongman thug Vladimir Putin who helped to get him elected. They have the same playbook apparently.

He has no clue regarding civic duties and even crowed about not paying taxes during his campaign. He tweets out disparaging remarks about those judges and leaders who disagree with his unconstitutional executive orders.

He gets his news and world views from far right wing “news” sources like Breitbart News and Rupert Murdoch owned sources. He admits he does not read newspapers. He refuses to answer questions from the legitimate news media.

He has appointed the most clueless cabinet in history who in most cases has opposed the very agencies they now represent.

He refuses to disclose his finances. Who ever thought a sitting U.S. president (and his wife) would be involved in over 3,500 lawsuits (according to USA Today)?

I was not afraid for our country after Sept. 11 because I know our nation can withstand any outside attack. But this attack from the inside scares the heck out of me. I only hope that the checks and balances of having three different branches of government can withstand the coming attacks on our inalienable rights over the next four years.

It is our duty to stand up for the values our country was founded upon. I doubt the GOP majority in Washington has the ethical grounding to do what is right but hopefully the judiciary and free press will continue to resist the mindless agenda of this egomaniac we call President Trump.

Bob Bauer