Letter: Gas tax would hurt state’s poor, rural

To the editor:

In the 1950s, Ike established a TRUST Fund to build and maintain an interstate highway system by imposing a federal fuel tax on vehicles. When the money got to D.C., the funds were diverted to any project that the politicians could think of.

I know of subways built in New York City and San Francisco that used money from the funds. Also, the fund was used to supplement nearly every city bus system in the U.S. At the same time, the interstate roads were deteriorating due to lack of proper maintenance. Politicians wonder why the public does not TRUST them!

In the beginning, the Indiana fuel tax distribution was not fair. Pickup trucks and some SUVs were not included in the distribution formula, thus sending more funds to Indiana cities than to rural areas.

Who will be hurt most by the proposed drastic gas tax increase? Low income, fixed incomes and rural people of Indiana will suffer the most. I drive 50 miles round-trip to my doctor, pharmacy and grocery store.

Why does Indiana not mandate its sales tax be imposed on catalog and online purchases?

Harry E. Knotts