Letter: Voters should be heard in mayor selection

To the editor:

This is addressed to the Republican precinct committee members who will choose the next mayor of Franklin.

As voters, we would like to vote for the next mayor; however, the law states that you will select our next mayor. Before you vote, I would like to remind you that in the last election only one of the candidates was chosen by the voters to continue serving our city.

Janet Alexander was ousted by the Republican voters and deemed unworthy to continue in office and serve the taxpayers. Steve Barnett was chose by the voters.

Those of us who vote in Franklin would like you to choose the only candidate that we selected to serve Franklin in the last election. Janet Alexander was deemed not worthy to serve in a lower office, so she should not be given a promotion to a higher office. Therefore, we would like you to elect Steve Barnett as our next mayor.

This has nothing to do with either candidates’ character but merely what the voters decided in the last election.

John Quinn