Letter: Truth a sketchy proposition

To the editor:

Mr. Thomasson,

Maybe you need a quick reminder of the machinations of the Obamacare Law that was passed by a super-majority of Democrats in the Senate and House in 2009 (“New Congress, same old stupidity,” Jan. 16).

The president did submit an olive branch to Republicans by saying, “If they want to come along, they can get in the back of the bus.” And another bipartisan move of telling Republicans that “I won.”

With those comforting words to moderates it’s no wonder that Republicans were shut out of the healthcare debate. So now, to bemoan the failure of Obamacare to Republicans, who didn’t help from the back of the bus, is pathetic.

Oh, and by the way, if it is true that the Russians hacked … they didn’t hack an election, they hacked the Democratic National Committee server and released emails from John Podesta. Did those emails have any sway over voters? We will never know. But we did see the truth of the DNC and how they planned to sabotage Bernie Sanders. The truth and facts have always been an issue for you in your columns, but like Jack Nicholson explained, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

Dustin Doyle