Letter: You can’t just buy a gun on the internet

To the editor:

I would like to reply to Thomas Blake’s comments in “Your View” in the Daily Journal on Jan 12 (“Time is now for Burton to act on guns.”)

First of all, Mr. Blake is wrong that you can purchase a firearm on the internet without a background check. However, you can order and pay for a firearm on the internet, but it has to be shipped to a federally licensed firearm dealer of the buyer’s choice that is in your state of residency and completes the necessary federal forms to be approved by the U.S. government.

When the licensed dealer calls, faxes or electronically transmits the completed forms they will receive an approval or denial for the firearm purchase. If the purchase is approved or denied the dealer will charge the buyer a fee of generally $25 to $50 for processing the paperwork. This fee is one that the individual dealer sets.

I would offer this to Mr. Blake: If you can prove to me that you can buy a working firearm on the internet and have it shipped directly to you, without going through a licensed dealer, I will give you a new crisp $100 bill.

There are way too many mistruths that people spread about gun purchases. They are either on a mission or it is just plain ignorance.

John Jefferson

White River Township