Pageantry in the form of dancing, rifles and twirling is coming to Franklin this weekend.

Franklin Community High School is hosting a color guard competition for the Indiana High School Color Guard Association.

Local color guards will perform and the cost of your ticket or concession will help the Franklin color guard.

Tim Kosch, director of bands, tells you what you need to know about the event.

When is it?

11 a.m. Saturday

How much are tickets?

$6 for adults. $3 for children.

How many color guards are competing? Any local guards?

Forty-six color guards from across the state, mostly in central and southern Indiana. Color guards from Whiteland and Indian Creek will be performing.

How many people are you expecting at this event?

Between 1,000 and 2,000 people.

Why is this an event you host?

Winter guard in general has evolved. It used to be just like flags corps, with rifles as well. The use of more equipment, such as rifles and flags, and the dance and body choreography, has evolved so much. It is a mix of dance and color guard. It definitely is a fundraiser and we are hoping to earn some money to offset the cost of our program.