Marriage Licenses – January 20

Jessica Juarez of Indianapolis and Derek Tom of Franklin

Kathryn Carrier and Lisa Serra, both of Greenwood

Holly Cannon of Indianapolis and Frank Schooler of Greenwood

Michael Wilson of Franklin and Autumn King of Rockville

Douglas Lindle of Bargersville and Pamela Ziemer of New Whiteland

Amber Weston and Lucas Wampner, both of Greenwood

Alexandra Krutz and Michael Platt, both of Whiteland

Joshua Trachtenberg and Ashley Thomas, both of Greenwood

Kierstin Hamlin of Whiteland and Huston Goforth of Cleveland, Tennessee

Joshua Sheffer and Karie Ruddle, both of Greenwood

David Wilkinson of Westport and Michael Wheatcraft Jr., of Greenwood

Junjie Li of Greenwood and Jing Yang of Bloomington

Angela Walker and James Loyd, both of Greenwood

Kayla Lowe and Michale Mullins Jr., both of Franklin

Amy Lawrence and Brenen Conley, both of Greenwood

Francisco Arriaga and Jesica Nieto, both of Greenwood

Megan Stinson and Austin Young, both of Greenwood

Preston Davis and Lyndsey Moffett, both of Greenwood

Jeffrey Ferrando and Vanessa Sanchez, both of Greenwood