A Whiteland daycare has been put on probation by the state for the third time since April 2015.

Childtime Learning Center, 565 Tracy Road, was issued a probationary license through the end of March.

The probationary license, issued last month and which can include added inspections by the state, stems from an issue in mid-December where an infant was given breast milk that was sent to the daycare for a different infant, according to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

State officials also said the infant’s feeding plan was not properly posted.

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Daycare officials reported the incident to the state, according to a statement from Childtime Learning Centers, which runs the Whiteland center.

The center’s bottle protocol was not properly followed, and since then staff has been retrained and staffing changes were made, the statement said.

This is the third time the daycare has been placed on probation by the state since April 2015.

In June, the center’s child-to-staff ratios did not meet state requirements. During an inspection, one caregiver was watching 19 pre-kindergarten-aged children. The maximum amount that can be watched by one caregiver at any given time is 12.

And in April 2015, the center was cited when a child left a classroom unnoticed and was unsupervised for several minutes inside the building before a worker noticed him.

The daycare is one of several centers in Johnson County that have been issued a probationary license by the state in the last year.

The probationary license lasts three months, and during that time period, the center could undergo additional inspections by the state. The daycare must also correct the issue it was initially cited for, under state requirements.

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