Letter: Self-checkouts costing jobs, make for less customer service

To the editor:

I’m a hard-working, average all-American employee. I just read about Macy’s closing stores which in turn will result in 3,900 people losing their jobs.

Yes, I realize this is in part because more of us are taking advantage of online shopping experiences. And that makes sense because we’re usually getting a better price or wider variety of merchandise to select from.

But have you in fact thought of the jobs that are being lost at your local big box grocery checkout? Consider the self checkouts. Have you ever compared the time savings by using a self checkout? I have and I’ve never once saved any time checking out!

In fact, my self-study reveals that it actually takes more time, unless I’m only purchasing a very small amount. My real concern is since there’s no time saving, why are we all rushing to the self checkouts? There is no discount incentive for us to use these lines so what we’re really doing, is allowing big business to eliminate our neighbors’ job security.

All we are doing by quietly accepting less service that none of us are happy with is lining the pockets of the rich while we blue collar workers (and the store manager) struggle to balance our budgets and time with our families.

Do you remember the time when our grocery business was important enough that the stores provided service to your car? Now we’re allowing these stores to take away our neighbors’ jobs because we’re willing to provide them with free labor. There is no incentive to us, the consumer. Every time you use a self checkout, the store saves the former employee’s hourly wage and benefits!

So I will now think twice before traveling 40 minutes to purchase groceries from a big box chain that is daily eliminating my neighbors’ jobs! Here’s one more reason to support your independent business….spend your money where YOU matter! Will you back me and share your opinion with big business? As President Donald Trump says, “Let’s make America great again!”

Karen Brock

Bean Clossom