Letter: Column brought out Christmas’ meaning

To the editor:

This letter is meant for Lori Borgman.

Lori, thanks for your great article, “Wondering where the Christmas wonder went” on Dec. 22. I always read and enjoy your column.

It brought back some memories for me. It’s sad that kids seems to get younger every year when they quit believing in Santa Claus. But more importantly, it seems like our society has forgotten about the true meaning of Christmas.

My wife and I were discussing this problem the other day and mentioned that our 6-year-old “grand” (as you would say) seemed to be one who didn’t quite understand the relationship between the birth of Christ and Santa Claus. We’re doing our best to educate him on the true meaning of Christmas. Anyway, enough of that. Your article was right on the mark.

Thanks again for a great, well written article.

Patrick and Jackie Jones