5 things: Monte Carlo night

A casino night will help local teachers in Greenwood.

The Greenwood Education Foundation is hosting a Monte Carlo night next month. The event is open to everyone in the community.

Superintendent Kent DeKoninck tells you what you need to know about the event.

When and where?

Feb. 25 at the Sycamore at Mallow Run, 7070 W. Whiteland Road, Bargersville.How much does it cost?$50 per ticket.

Where will money go?

It will benefit our Greenwood Education Foundation

How did you get the idea?

We are working with the Greenwood Education Foundation Board of Directors as they will be a beneficiary. A number of us had gone to similar events, enjoyed them, great community building experience and a good fundraiser.

What activities will there be?

Casino type games, silent auction, will have live music, a couple of special games for larger gifts; this includes a meal.