A 16-year-old was killed, and an 18-year-old was arrested after an argument led to a shooting in a Greenwood neighborhood, police said.

Police were called to the 2000 block of Jaden Lane in the Pebble Creek neighborhood, near U.S. 31 and Worthsville Road, at 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

A resident had reported a suspicious car parked in front of their home, and when officers checked it, they found a 16-year-old dead in the back seat, according to a news release from Greenwood police.

The Greenwood teen appeared to have died of a gunshot to the head, the release said. The teen has not been identified by police.

While police were investigating, two boys, ages 15 and 16, came to the Greenwood police station with their parents. The boys told police they had seen the shooting, and that they knew who had shot the other teen, the release said.

The boys told police that the 16-year-old and Isaac R. Stinemetz, 18, Greenwood, were arguing. Stinemetz pulled out a gun and shot the teen once, the release said.

Isaac Stinemetz

Police found Stinemetz at his Greenwood home and arrested him.

Stinemetz told police he had pointed the gun at the 16-year-old and fired, but he didn’t think the gun was loaded when he pulled the trigger, he said.

After the shooting, Stinemetz told police he and the other two teens panicked and ran. Stinemetz dropped the gun down a nearby storm drain, the release said. Police found the gun.

Stinemetz, 829 Palisades Court, was arrested on a charge of reckless homicide. He was held at the Johnson County jail without bond.

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