Letter: Trump’s election failure of system

To the editor:

The election of Donald Trump is a monument to the failure of the American education system to educate our children to become responsible, thinking participants in a democratic society.

Both private and public schools and their administrators and school boards are responsible for this mess. We have allowed parents, pastors and politicians to dictate to teachers how to train our young citizens.

If we permitted the same process in medicine we would all be dead. Instead we are fighting for the survival of our society as it is assaulted by ignorance, hatred and lust for power and money.

Pockets of good examples are proof only that the light cannot be totally extinguished by massive stupidity. I pray that we will survive the current nightmare with enough sense and resources to rebuild our democracy.

The phrases I hear most often, “He says what’s on his mind.” and “He tells it like it is” are the absolute proof of the failure of our society to educate responsible, rational citizens.

Donald A. Smith