Figuring out the past, one question at a time

Janet Hommel Mangas, For the Daily Journal

The hubby made a short fun quiz for our junior high Sunday school class. We are just beginning to study the book of Matthew and had previously delved into who Jesus is and what he was like.

The quiz was a fun opener for class last Sunday and contained questions such as:

•Jesus has many names in Scripture, which is one not found in Scripture? A) Shepherd B) Lamb C) Lion of Judah D) Sam

•Jesus would cheer for: A) Pittsburgh B) New England C) Colts D) New Orleans

This is the one I missed, because I didn’t connect the mascot name. (Oh brother.)

The Hubby also included lots of true-or-false questions:

T or F: Jesus was never angry.

T or F: Jesus never got left behind by his parents as a youth.

T or F: Jesus’ family line only had good people in it.

T or F: Everyone liked Jesus.

Later that day I decided to make my own quiz, since the family was celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday later in the evening. I thought it would be fun to see how well the young grandchildren knew their Grandma Betty.

•What unusual pet did Betty once have? Answer: a fox, as a child. And my sister Debbie reminded us of the runt pig that mom brought home from the farm as an adult to nurse back to health. Debbie got extra points.

•How many kids does Betty have? Answer: Seven. Who is her favorite? Like a politician, Mom answered, “All of them.” My intellectual niece, Nev, daughter of seventh-born son Chris, asked quietly if she wrote my name in, would she get bonus points. Yes, lots of bonus points for her.

•Her favorite candy is? Answer: anything chocolate.

•How many grandchildren does she have? Answer: 18 grandchildren.

•She learned to drive when she was how old? Answer: Over 30. Sister-in-law Julie estimated it was closer to 36 since David was five when he decided to take a drink of fuel oil from a drip pan and subsequently had his stomach pumped — which prompted Betty to buy a car and take driving lessons. Julie got extra points.

•What was the color and make of her first car? Answer: blue/green 1962 Chevy.

When asked what one of her favorite Christmas gifts was, she answered Chris, who was born on Dec. 24.

•What job started her love of growing plants? Answer: Working at Danners, where she watered the houseplants.

•How long did Betty work at the Knights of Columbus? Answer: 25 years.

•What countries other than the U.S. has Betty visited? Answer: Holy Land/Israel and Cayman Islands.

•When Betty was a spy for the CIA, what was her main duty? Answer: No answer was given, but it was fun to watch all the grandchildren whispering curiously to each other and trying to determine the truth.

The simple question-and-answer game provides us a more vivid photo of life.