Marriage Licenses – January 13

Marriage licenses

John Basey Jr., of Beech Grove and Debra Vilinskis of Greenwood

Jeffrey Rode and Anthony Turner, both of Franklin

Kenneth Hunter Jr., and Kayla Brown, both of Greenwood

William Marts Jr., and Douglas Scherb, both of Franklin

Jeffrey Bennett and Karen Schilling, both of Greenwood

Suzette Zufall and Sherry McMichael, both of New Whiteland

Brooke Freeman of Greenwood and Alex Johnfauno of Indianapolis

Erica Hogan of Nineveh and Raymond Hodson Jr., of Nashville

Paul Theisen and Steven Schwartz, both of Greenwood

Ly Tran of Greenwood and Andrew Schummer of Batesville

Kaitlin Wood and Michael Taylor II , both of Greenwood

Amanda Wakefield and Sixto Holguin, both of Franklin

Nathaniel Warren and Kayla Carr, both of Greenwood

Sarah Mitten and Todd Scheer, both of New Whiteland

Kelsey Deckard and Derek Thompson, both of Greenwood

Jonathan Smith and Simone Haywood, both of Greenwood

Robert Eddy and Bethany Hardesty, both of New Whiteland

Kelly Wright and Theresa Crowe, both of Greenwood

Isaac Overby of Franklin and Kelsey Henderson of Greenwood

Derik Trotta of Greenwood and Kira Porter of Franklin

Deborah Gale of Greenwood and Delmar Medlock of Indianapolis

Monica Wiggins and Justin Bogle, both of Bargersville

Kuljit Singh and Neetu Singh, both of Greenwood

Matthew Simon and Danielle Collins, both of Franklin

Sarah Ashby and Chelsea Thomas, both of Greenwood

Amanda Wrigley and John Woodbury, both of Morgantown

Chaminda Weerakoon of Greenwood and Nuwani Waduge of Sri Lanka

Marta Fonseth and Rebecca Henry, both of Franklin

Thawng Tha and Tha Sung, both of Greenwood