Letter: Time is now for Burton to act on guns

To the editor:

Rep. Woody Burton recently sent an email titled “Sharing My Story.” It was interesting and made me think.

Mr. Burton’s father took his mother at gunpoint, a difficult thing for a child to witness, yet domestic violence is all too prevalent in today’s society, especially at the point of a gun. Too many mothers and children are killed or injured by an estranged father who is allowed to buy a gun at a gun show or over the internet without a background check.

During the campaign Mr. Burton agreed with Ed O’Connor that terrorists and the mentally ill should not be allowed to buy a gun and said he would support such legislation. It is time to act. Mr. Burton should introduce legislation in the Indiana House of Representatives that requires background checks for all gun purchases.

With his story as a backdrop I don’t see how Mr. Burton and this bill can help but succeed.

Thomas Blake