Deputies called about shots fired from property

A deputy heard bullets whizzing over his head at a home east of Franklin, where residents have complained about bullets being fired onto their property.

Just after 3:30 p.m. Sunday, a resident in the 6000 block of Urmeyville Road, near Needham, called the sheriff’s office to report that he believed he could hear bullets fired from a neighbor’s property coming onto his property, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office report.

The resident had made a similar report last year, when a bullet had struck his barn. He believed the bullet had come from a property on nearby County Road 700E, the report said.

The deputy waited at the property and eventually heard bullets whizzing about 10 to 15 feet over his head, the report said. He then went to a nearby property on County Road 700E where a resident was shooting. The deputy found the resident did not have the proper setup, including shooting a target without a backstop using a rifle, causing the rounds to fly over the other resident’s property, the report said.

The resident who complained said he would work out the issue with his neighbor. He told the deputy he also hunts, and just wants his neighbors to be safe, the report said.

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