Letter: Debate highlighted election positions

To the editor:

At the Indiana House District 58 debate between Ed O’Connor and Woody Burton in Greenwood, Burton spoke about money spent on schools and infrastructure and emphasized how good the interstate exits around Greenwood will be when the crews are finished with their work.

He failed to mention the attacks on public schools and funding religious schools with public money. He spoke twice of the dangers of our bathrooms and boys showering with girls, even though there were no questions related to the topic. Transgender people in bathrooms will clearly (and unnecessarily) be a priority in the next session.

Burton discounted any damage from RFRA and even said that Workforce One is bringing 800 jobs to Indiana from California and left me with the impression that he thinks the reason was the RFRA law. First, Workforce One is an Indiana jobs program not a company. The company he referred to is Salesforce.

I had the opportunity to hear the Salesforce leader testify before the Indiana Senate earlier this year. He has been vocally critical of RFRA and similar policies and attitudes.

Dr. O’Connor seemed a bit nervous at the start, but he got into the flow once he was reminded of why he entered the race. He spoke with passion about the damage to our people and our state because of RFRA. He was dissatisfied with our roads and infrastructure.

He was almost incredulous about our public schools and how they are struggling. Ed wants to solve — ISTEP and ending gerrymandering. Woody Burton is not what we need and hasn’t been what we have needed. Ed O’Connor is the kind of better people of which I speak. We need change and a leadership upgrade.

JJ Marie Gufreda