Greenwood Community High School will present its fall play in November.

“The Curious Savage,” will be at 7 p.m. Nov. 11 and 12 at the high school, 615 W. Smith Valley Road, Greenwood.

Director Daniel Borns tells you what you need to know.

» How many students are involved?

There are 11 students in the cast. The show has six female and five male roles. We will have several students working in the other roles with the production, as our crew will include other students working with lights, sound, props, make up and costumes. It is safe to say that over 20 students will be involved in some capacity.

» How much are tickets?

Tickets will be $8 for adults and $6 for students. Seating is general admission.

» Why did you choose this show?

This show was picked because I was looking for a comedy with a smaller cast after performing a large cast drama last fall. “The Curious Savage” was mentioned on several lists as a popular comedy for high schools to perform, so it became one of the scripts that I read when looking for a show. It won out in the end as it seemed to fit the bill on several fronts.

» What are your favorite scenes to direct?

I enjoy the scenes in the show that develop the characters further, but I believe that my favorite is in the third act. Mrs. Savage is receiving presents from each of the psychiatric patients she has been living with, and this further illustrates all of their kindness.

» Why should families see the show?

The show is certainly family friendly, but younger children may not get some of what is going on. The show is comedic in nature and also shows a contrast between psychiatric patients who are warm and loving and a celebrity family who cares mainly about money. I think that families could take a few things home with them to talk about following the show. Just like every production that we put on, they will be able to forget about life for while and hopefully just enjoy the efforts of the cast.

» How are students getting into character?

The students have been doing some character analysis through answering sets of guided questions. They also have taken steps toward memorizing their lines early in the rehearsal process. It seems that the faster you have the playwright’s words in your mind, the faster you can get to forming a character based off of the author’s intentions.

» How are you marketing the show?

We are marketing the show as a comedy that everyone can enjoy. We would love to have as many Greenwood community members as possible and of course our own high school students attend the show. It should be a good time, and the story is heartwarming.

What do you want audiences to get from the show?

We would love for audience members to leave feeling entertained and thinking about how they can always look for the good in people.