Police investigating attempted robberies

Franklin police are trying to determine if two robbery attempts — one which left a victim without a jacket, phone and cash — at city parks Tuesday evening are related.

A 15-year-old was walking through Province Park about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday when a male teenager walked up and hit him in the face. The boy defended himself by hitting the teen with his backpack, the report said.

Another older man arrived and told the teen to “take everything he’s got,” the report said.

The boy told the two men they weren’t taking anything, and they ran off, the report said.

Another similar incident was reported about 20 minutes later at Payne Park, a half-mile north of Province Park near downtown Franklin, where a teen and another person robbed a juvenile of cash, a jacket and a phone at gunpoint after a fight, a police report said.

The report noted that the suspect made similar statements to both victims about wanting to take everything.

While police aren’t certain the crimes were committed by the same duo, investigators are considering the possibility, Deputy Chief Chris Tennell said.

The victim of the attempted robbery at Province Park described the teen as about 17 years old with a pierced lip and acne. The older man was described as being bald and missing teeth, the report said.

Tennell encouraged anyone with information to contact the police department.

With Halloween on Monday, officers will keep an extra eye on city parks during the weekend, he said.

“There will be a lot of people out on foot the next few days,” Tennell said. “Everyone has to be cautious and report if things don’t look right.”

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Jacob Tellers is a reporter at the Daily Journal. He can be reached at jtellers@dailyjournal.net or 317-736-2702.