Marriage Licenses – October 28

Marriage licenses

Christina Miller of Indianapolis and Timothy McCaslin Jr., of Greenwood

Derek Runge and Rachel Katchmar, both of Franklin

Kimberly Hathaway and Kyle Jackson, both of Greenwood

Leslie Park and Robert Parker, both of Franklin

Amy Henry of Greenwood and Kenneth Messer Jr. of Powell, Texas

Eric Mauer and Christina Quinn, both of Greenwood

Penny Abbott-McMillian and Zachary Shepherd, both of New Whiteland

Lucy Foster of New Whiteland and Brett Gentry of Whiteland

Rebecca Laugle and Christopher Close, both of Franklin

Stephanie Harrison and James Spicer, both of Franklin

Danielle Gilles and Shane Toombs, both of Greenwood

Bailey Gossett and Levi Walsman, both of Franklin

Breanne Howard and Justin Emerson, both of Greenwood

Lisa Bolin and Walter Raines, both of Franklin

Rebecca Mangan of Whiteland and Andrew Bidlen of Ohio

William Southerland and Tammy Jaynes, both of Trafalgar

Jordan Wheatley and Matthew Curry, both of Greenwood

Michelle Anderson and Kevin Sichting, both of Greenwood

Jordan Gipe and Brittany Gauger, both of Greenwood

Rabecka Ward and Dustin Seacat, both of Trafalgar

Kayla Durbin and Anthony Kipper, both of New Whiteland

Damon Young and Ashley Hall, both of Bargersville

John Bader and and Victoria Garner, both of Greenwood

Kelsie Field of Greenwood and Keenan Blair of McCordsville

Morgan Madden and Alexander Oswalt, both of Greenwood

Stephanie Heidenreich and Paul Angelsky, both of Greenwood