Letter: O’Connor top pick for District 58 seat

To the editor:

Indiana State Rep. Woody Burton, a friendly, self-deprecating real estate salesman, has held his seat in the Indiana House of Representatives for 28 years.

His seat is called a “safe Republican seat” due to gerrymandering, which is the drawing of district lines to include as many voters of a single party as possible.

The result in Indiana has produced Republican super majorities in both houses of the Indiana General Assembly. In his 28 years in the legislature, Rep. Burton has faced opposition in the general election only twice!

In the last election, Indiana had the lowest voter turnout in the country! Why should people vote when the outcome is already decided?

However, this year there is an excellent reason for voters in Greenwood and northern Johnson County to vote. Dr. Ed O’Connor, a retired veterinarian and owner of the Whiteland Animal Clinic, is running against Woody Burton for that District 58 seat.

Dr. O’Connor has served on the Clark-Pleasant school board. He is endorsed by the Indiana State Teachers Association. He supports Glenda Ritz, the state superintendent of public instruction, and will work to return our schools to excellence.

Find out more about Dr. Ed O’Connor at www.edoconnor.org to learn why he deserves your vote.

Margaret McGovern

Former mayor of Greenwood