Letter: Yoder will work to put Hoosiers first

To the editor:

Shelli Yoder. Residents of Indiana’s 9th District, please remember that name when casting your vote for representative in the U.S. Congress.

Shelli is a force of energy, integrity, ideas, intellect and decency. She is a native Hoosier who grew up in the small town of Shipshewana, helping in her family’s small business and absorbing Hoosier values of hard work, common sense, community and public service.

Today, she is an educator at the I.U. Kelley School of Business, is raising her family in Monroe County and serves on the Monroe County Council. She holds deep understanding of the needs and dreams of Hoosiers, and will work tirelessly and collaboratively to build bipartisan solutions for the complex issues facing Indiana.

Shelli’s opponent, Trey Hollingsworth, appears motivated by personal ambition more than by a sincere interest in serving the citizens of Indiana. After researching open 2016 Congressional races, he moved from Tennessee to Indiana last fall, and filed for the Republican primary a few weeks later.

Funded by his multi-millionaire father’s PAC and his own personal wealth, he overwhelmed several primary opponents, capturing the Republican nomination. Judging by his appearance at the recent Greenwood Chamber of Commerce Candidates’ Forum, his knowledge of local issues and priorities is shallow, and his solutions to problems are vague and ideological.

Hoosiers deserve a representative in Congress who will work across the aisle to benefit all Hoosiers. The choice in this election is clear. Send Shelli Yoder to Washington, send Mr. Hollingsworth back to Tennessee, and send a message that Indiana voters understand who puts them first.

Norma Blake