Letter: O’Connor best choice for House District 58

To the editor:

Ed O’Connor and Woody Burton are running for the office of state representative from House District 58.

Woody Burton was elected to this office 28 years ago when the population of Johnson County was approximately 85,000. Today, it is close to 150,000 — a 76 percent-plus increase. This population growth has brought with it an urgent need for consensus-building within our state legislature.

Ed O’Connor will do that and more if he is elected to this office. He is a retired veterinarian and small business owner, a U.S. Army veteran and former officer of the Clark-Pleasant school board and Whiteland Community High School Booster Club.

Because he is a devoted family man and long-standing resident of Johnson County, he is ready to use his life experiences to make objective, well-informed decisions that will address the concerns of the diverse group of people that make up District 58.

For one of the very few times in three decades, the voters in District 58 have a choice. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity and vote!

Sheri Thomas