Letter: Trump better choice as leader

To the editor:

On Nov. 8, the fate of the USA and 300 million Americans will be decided. No, this is not just another election where another politician A is replaced by politician B.

The most corrupt lying person to run for president, Hillary Clinton, is opposed by Donald Trump. If the former is elected, the great American experience will vanish, along with our long-cherished liberties, probably forever.

An uber-harsh assessment? No.

Hillary (and Bill) Clinton have been exposed as pathological liars by “hacked” documents, something most alert Americans have suspected for a long time. In these documents, she denigrated the Catholic and Protestant religions, Bernie Sanders supporters/millennials as losers living in their parent’s basement, Trump supporters as “deplorables” and irredeemable and her views on the Second Amendment are even more draconian than Barack Obama (virtually impossible).

As reported by her FBI and Secret Service guards, she has the foulest-potty mouth imaginable. She has a life-long history of corruption starting with the Rose Law Firm, and ending with the Clinton Foundation gaining millions of dollars while she was Secretary of State. It has been reported the foundation gives about 10 percent to charities, leaving the Clintons among the richest people in the world.

She gives multi-million dollar speeches to her Wall Street friends, and “leaks” demonstrated she told them one position and had another position for the Boobus Americanus. Her great wish was for open borders/open trade, either of which spell the end of America.

She wants millions of Syrian refugees admitted to America even though she admits (leaks again) they cannot be screened or vetted. She wishes to impose further taxes on middle America and favors confiscatory death taxes.

Donald Trump is her opponent. The United States have been ruled, against their wishes and best interests, by a cabal, insider establishment of mega-rich, Hollywood, mass media, and worst of all, a one-party system where the Republicans have merged with the liberal Democrats and pursue a socialistic/one-world agenda where hard-working Americans support the rest of humanity.

Donald Trump represents a threat/end to the incest, cozy relationship now existing. He is not a member, hence everyone opposes him — except the millions of us who support him and have voted for him. The Bush family is reported ready to vote for Hillary. Mitt Romney, John McCain and Paul Ryan rise in opposition to Trump. Mitch McConnell and other establishment Republicans have united behind Hillary.

I can only imagine the chaos and fear a Donald Trump victory would produce in the establishment, the number of jobs lost, the number of resignations to “spend more time with their family,” the indictments which would follow would be heart-warming, and we would be spared the iron/unconstitutional rule of Queen Hillary.

The establishment/TV talking heads wring their hands, weep and wail over a crude (and inexcusable) video of Donald Trump, while canonizing woman abuser Bill Clinton and call for Trump to drop out of the race.

I hope and pray the good people of Johnson County and state of Indiana do not cast one vote for Crooked Hillary — and give syrupy Evan Bayh an equal number …

Kenneth R. DeVoe